Volunteering with SLFPD


While the firefighters are the heart of the department, there are lots of opportunities to contribute if you have the time and inclination to help out the community.  

Become a Firefighter

Did you know that every 911 call in our district that’s not strictly a law enforcement issue gets routed to the SLFPD?  It's not just putting out fires.  The department responds to motor vehicle accidents, fallen climbers, medical emergencies, unattended campfires, and, of course, structure fires and wildfires.  If you have an emergency, it's your neighbors who are the first ones to come help.

Does the opportunity to help out the community appeal to you and do you think you've got what it takes to be a firefighter?  Then we'd love to have you.  It's a long and arduous journey but one that is incredibly rewarding.  The department accepts new trainees once a year, depending on demand and trainer availability. 

Not in the best shape? Not every member is running into burning buildings. We need people to operate the pumps, maintain the equipment, and do many of the tasks that are required to keep the department running. Regardless of your skill level, fitness, or expertise, we’ll find a way to make use of you.

The initial training period takes about a year and consists of weeknight and weekend training sessions as well as responding to actual calls.  Once a firefighter you'll be expected to respond to at least 10% of the calls to the district (we get ~140 a year total) and to attend trainings the first and third Wednesdays and one Saturday each month .   You'll also be expected to help out with the departmental operations such as managing a truck.  It's a significant commitment but incredibly important work.  As we say in the department, "the next call might be to your house". 

Click here to fill out an application to join.

Other Ways to Help

If becoming a firefighter doesn't spark your interest, there are ample other opportunities to help out:


SLFPD Garage Sale

Every year around Memorial Day the department hosts its annual garage sale, which is its largest fundraising event, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars to purchase equipment and supplies for the department. 

Like everything in our district, this legendary event is entirely volunteer run and takes scores of people to accept and sort donations, set up tents, move furniture, etc etc.  If you have some free time and would like to help, email volunteer@slfpd.org.

SLFPD Holiday Craft Fair

Every year in December the department hosts a local holiday craft fair for the community.  It's made up of the incredibly talented people who live right around us and is a great place to buy gifts for others...or yourself.  If you'd like to participate as a vendor or just want to help set up and tear down, contact Paula Schild who coordinates the activities.  


Running a department takes a lot of money. SLFPD is relatively blessed when it comes to resources and we’ve had enough volunteers from the community that we haven’t had to hire people, but donations are always appreciated and allow us to maintain and upgrade equipment and facilities. This means better preparedness as well as a higher ISO rating for our community. Click the button below to donate.