The Sugar Loaf Fire Protection District relies primarily on property taxes to fund our operation, although we typically also receive money from fund raising projects, donations and grants. As a special district, the SLFPD receives property taxes from the property owners within its boundaries. If you live within the boundaries of the Sugar Loaf Fire Protection District, part of your property tax, collected by the county assessor, goes to support the activites of the District. Your total tax bill is a total of all the mill levies you pay, such as school tax, Regional Transportation District tax, fire protection district tax, etc.

The annual property tax for an individual property in the District is calculated as such:

Actual Property Value  x  Assessment Rate  x  Mill Levy (Actual Property Value  x Assessment Rate = Assessed Value).

In 2013, the Boulder County Assessment Rate is 7.96% for residential property  29% for all other property. For its part of your tax bill, the SLFPD currently has two perpetual mill levies: one for general operating expenses, and a second, for capital expenditures such as building improvements and replacement of outdated trucks. The general fund tax rate is 0.7000 percent (7.000 Mills, or $7.00 per $1,000 of assessed value).The capital tax rate is calculated to yield the equivalent of %50,000 in tax revenue for the entire District in 1996, adjusted for inflation and annual growth of the District. In 2013, this rate is 0.4045 percent (4.045 Mills), for a total tax rate of 0.11045 percent (11.045 Mills, general and capital tax rates combined). Therefore, for residential property the District will collect $87.92 per $100,000 of actual value ($100,000 x 0.0796 x 11.045 /1000), of which $55.72 will go towards the general fund and $32.20 towards the capital fund. Similarly, for non-residential property the District will collect $320.30 per $100,000 of actual value.